One More Shot

One More Shot

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Series: Girlfriends, Goddesses & Barflies, Book 1
Genre: Smexy Romantic Comedy
Publisher: TL Alexander Crazy Writer Books
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 261
ASIN: B01E6NJ034
ISBN: 9780997514407

Dino Coletti has done the one thing he said he'd never do—fall in love. Too bad Dannie O'Brien didn't get the memo. Whisper Lake will never be the same when a smartmouthed, independent, wounded woman, meets a man who's convinced they're destined, and she's convinced he's a snack in the firs.

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About the Book


After a messy divorce, Dannie O’Brien has come home to Whisper Lake, Oregon. She’s off men for life—vowing to the goddesses, she’ll never be a huckleberry, again.

Dino Coletti, Manhattan’s hottest bachelor doc, moves to a small town, smaller lake, Oregon. Why he felt the need to leave NYC and his manwhoring ways behind him, he had no clue. Then he saw her, and he knew she was the one he didn’t even know he was looking for. 

Dannie & Dino

He invades me and my body opens up to receive him, as if saying, I’ve been waiting for you, dumbass. What took you so damn long?

He moans. “Dear lord, you feel like heaven. I’ve wanted you and this for so long. You’re never getting away, Dan. Never.”

“Stop talkin’ the talk. I want—”

He thrusts forward. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” I say and dig my nails into his ass cheeks.

He finds his rhythm and I dance along. All is well until it shifts from first to fifth, and I get left behind. Soon he’s groaning and spouting unintelligible words.

He pulls out and collapses next to me. “God, Dannie, that was…”

Over in the blink of the eye. Faster than a bullet train. Quicker than sand. Unbelievably unfulfilling. I bite my lip and choke down my tears of shock and frustration. How could a man who looks like he does, smells like he does, is hung like he is, and has had as many lovers as he has, be such a… disappointment? I might not be an expert at these things; but come on, even Nolan gave me more than… nothing.


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