Law Inc. Life on Top  A Cassandra Marcella Mystery

Law Inc. Life on Top A Cassandra Marcella Mystery

Series: Law Inc., Book 1
Genre: Mystery LOL
Publisher: TL Alexander Crazy Writer Books
Publication Year: 2015
Format: ebook
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9780692512944

From the author of the smexy LOL Layers Series,  and the award-winning A.K.A. comes a new continuing series, Law Inc. A Cassandra Marcella Mystery.

Cassandra Marcella is a criminal law attorney in the state of New York. Some might say she's a badass, ball-busting, controlling bitch. And that would be the some whom she'd consider friends.

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About the Book

Law Inc.

Cassandra Marcell Mystery Series 

Book One

Life on Top

From the author of the smexy LOL Layers Series, comes a new LLL  (Law. Laughter. Life) series.  Law Inc. A Cassandra Marcella Mystery.

Cole Ryder, Dominate extraordinaire, is accused of murdering his submissive in his playroom. As the evidence begins to build-up against him, he needs one of the best criminal attorneys in NYC, Cassandra Marcella. Unfortunately for him, he’s accused of the one crime she won’t defend.

I couldn’t believe it. Me, Cole Ryder, the control freak, the guy who sorts his socks by type, color, texture, material, pattern…. You get the picture. The guy from preschool to the present day has never painted outside the lines. That guy was charged with murder. I was innocent, of course, but things didn’t look good. In fact, things looked very bad. I had an attorney, several of them, but none who practiced criminal law.

Everyone says, “She is the best. The go-to attorney when cases seemed stacked against the accused.” In other words, when your shit had already hit the fan, and you’re down to those two small squares of toilet paper glued to the roll.

*   *   *

My name is Cassandra Marcella; I’m a criminal law attorney in the state of New York. Some might say I’m a badass, ball-busting, controlling bitch. And that would be the some whom I’d consider my friends.

The Romance Review Book Reviewed by Ashia (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Jan 13, 2016 ] – See all my reviews

LAW INC LIFE ON TOP isn’t what I expected. It’s raw, gritty, intense, and it ended all too soon.

Cassandra Marcella is a top-notch criminal attorney. Thus, when Cole Ryder was accused of killing his sub, he did everything he could to get her to represent him. However, what neither knew was that it was only the beginning, and when they delve deeper, it led them to places unknown…

The main characters, Cassandra and Cole, are great, in that each has a distinct personality that is obvious to the reader. Cass is smart and a smart-mouthed heroine and her personality are consistent with her being a top criminal attorney. Reading her question Ryder on the happenings of the murder was a real treat. However, she has a past that is only hinted at. I’m not sure if this would be explored and revealed in later books, but I do think that here, this past is a hindrance to her undercover role as a sub to Cole’s Dom, I thought it should be shown how this affected their roles and how they got past it. I thought that was an integral part of Cass’s character development. As it is, it felt like an essential part of the story was missing.

Another thing I thought that ended abruptly was when they finally went undercover. Truth to tell, I was expecting more to happen. Perhaps I read too fast and didn’t truly understand what it was they meant to do, but what happened seemed anti-climactic.

Regarding the relationship between Cass and Cole, certainly, there’s an attraction on both sides, but sorry, nothing happened. I’m not sure if the later books would continue to explore this or if that’s the end of it. However, they did have plans to meet later, so maybe this relationship would be carried over into future books.

For all the BDSM terms and stuff being talked about, there was surprisingly very little BDSM scenes being acted out. Hence, I think even those new to BDSM would find no difficulty in reading this. You will get lots of info though (probably more than you want to know) as it seems Cole is a lifestyle, Dom.

Overall, the rating is 3.5 stars. LAW INC LIFE ON TOP has a decent mystery, unforgettable characters and a compelling writing style that caused me to read onward. I don’t mind reading the next in the series and I hope there’s more between Cass and Cole, or Cass and someone else! – See more at

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