Something we can all do, mask or no mask, this summer, is read.

Here are just a few sites to check out.

Goodreads Best Beach Reads

Amazon Summer Reads

GH Summer Reads

Read This Summer

ABA Indies Summer Reads

The above list is just a small sample of links I found. Do your own Google Search, ask your friends and family what they plan to read. Scan the book covers at the pool or on the beach. Look for dogears, folds, and broken spines. Signs of a good book. Make new friends while you do. At a safe distance of course.

Facebook and other social sites have tons of summer reading book clubs or book recommendations. Check out your local library. Collaboration Library Summer Reads

There really is no excuse not to read. Well, okay there is Netflix, Amazon Prime, and…

To start you out, read Layers. It’s a free download on all ebook retailer sites.

Just Sayin’