I have something to brag about. A.K.A. was awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion. I am now an indieBRAG honored author. Yahoo! Thank you indieBRAG!

A.K.A. BRAG Medallion award winner

What is indieBRAG? BRAGMedallion.com is a privately held organization that has brought together a large group of readers, both individuals and members of book clubs, located throughout the United States and in ten other countries around the globe.

What do they do? Their mission is to discover talented self-published authors and help them give their work the attention and recognition it deserves.

How does it work?  All books sent to indieBRAG are subjected to a rigorous selection process. This entails an initial screening to ensure that the author’s work meets certain minimum standards of quality and content. If the book passes this preliminary assessment, it is then read by a selected group of members drawn from their global reader team. In both the initial screening phase and, if appropriate, the subsequent group evaluation phase, each book is judged against a comprehensive list of relevant literary criteria. WOW!

Check out A.K.A. and other B.R.A.G. metal winners.


IndieBRAG is one of the best websites to find your next must-read indie books and indie authors. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!


Brag on!