Well… Nano came calling this month and I didn’t pick up. However, I don’t see not reaching my goal as a failure because I not only added words to Bottoms Up, I started a new book.

I don’t know if it was or is the holidays or the start of the raining season in Oregon that has put me into a funk of melancholy. Maybe it’s that I miss my parents. Maybe it’s that my sister is fighting the big “C”. Whatever the reason, I’ve started a memoir of sorts. A story that has been weaving in and out of my head for years. One that I feel can help other parents face the challenges of raising kids with special needs. A book that I wish I’d found online or at the library at the start of my journey.

If you signed up for NaNa and didn’t reach your goals, know that even in failure, you can find a silver lining. Failure is an overused word anyway. Anyone who starts a book, who puts themselves out there for the world to criticize is a brave soul, in my opinion.