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In the small town of Whisper Lake, Oregon, population two thousand, three BFFs navigate through the perils of small town life, and the craziness of love.  


One More Shot

He invades me and my body opens up to receive him, as if saying, I’ve been waiting for you, dumbass. What took you so damn long?

He moans. “Dear lord, you feel like heaven. I’ve wanted you and this for so long. You’re never getting away, Dan. Never.”

“Stop talkin’ the talk. I want—”

He thrusts forward. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” I say and dig my nails into his ass cheeks.

He finds his rhythm and I dance along. All is well until it shifts from first to fifth, and I get left behind. Soon he’s groaning and spouting unintelligible words.

He pulls out and collapses next to me. “God, Dannie, that was…”

Over in a blink of the eye. Faster than a bullet train. Quicker than sand. Unbelievably unfulfilling. I bite my lip and choke down my tears of shock and frustration. How could a man who looks like he does, smells like he does, is hung like he is, and has had as many lovers as he has be such a… disappointment? I might not be an expert at these things; but come on, even Nolan gave me more than… nothing.

He reaches over and squeezes my hand. “Are you all right?”

I’ve never been more sexually frustrated in all my life. “I’m fine,” I lie. I sit up and pull a blanket from the sofa, wrap it around me, and stand.


Life on Whisper Lake

“What the hell?”

“Dannie. It’s everything okay?”

“I’m not sure. Sadie is walking down the street.”

“Is she alone?”

“Yes. She has her walker. I’ll see you in a couple of hours, Dad.”

“Okay, dear.”

I disconnect and jog less than a quarter-mile down the road, before I catch up to my closest neighbor, ninety year old, Sadie Hamilton.

“Sadie! What on earth are you doing?”

“Hello, dear. What does it look like I’m doing.”

“It looks like you’re walking down the middle of Lake Road. My question is why?”

“Marcie Allen.”

“What about her?”

“We have a bet.”

“Okay… Not following.”

She stops walking and leans over her walker. “Marcie said he’s the hottest thing to hit the lake since your dad. I told her, it’s not possible. Your dad is, and will always be, the honey to my dew.”

“What? Who?”

“The young man who rented the Wilkinson’s place.”

“Oh, yeah. Tay said someone had rented it. But no one’s seen him, her or them.”

“Well, it’s a him. I put fifty bucks on your dad. Marcie called and said her honey dew, just ran past her place.”


“She had on her glasses this time. She wants to double down.”

“I see. You’re walking up Lake Road, hoping to see him.”

“Yes. I need a good look at this, so called, honey dew.”

“Marcie lives on the other side of the lake.”

“I know that dear. I’m ninety not a ninny.”

“You’re going to walk four miles to the other side of the lake?”

She rolls her eyes at me from behind her leopard printed eyeglasses. “Of course not. If you haven’t noticed my lovely walker, let me introduce you. Slow Ass Walker, meet nosey neighbor, Dannie O’Brien.”

I frown. “No need for sarcasm. I’m just concerned. What if he isn’t running this way?”

“I have on good authority that he’s on his way to this side of the lake.”

“Good authority?”

“I’ve called everyone and asked them to text me as he runs by. The last text was from Helen Mays. That means I’ve got fifteen minutes to make it to Martha’s. She had Frank put lawn chairs out for us. And I hope to God, the old bat was smart enough to make ice tea.”

I look up the road and spy Martha Allen sitting in one of two lawn chairs. I wave and she waves back. “Can I walk with you?”

“It looks as if you’re out for your run, dear. I can manage.”

“It’s no trouble. It’s on the way.”

She clears her throat and points her chin. “Looks as if we’re the last to know, again.”

I look up as three of our neighbors, all women, are jogging toward us.

“Hi Sadie. Dannie,” Sue Beatle says and waves.

“Hi Sue. Ronda. Carrie,” I say.

They wave.

“You’ve heard about Mr. Machottie?” Ronda Givens ask.

“We have,” Sadie tells her.

“Martha said he’d already run by. Is he as hot as she said?” Ronda asks.

“He’s a pantie wetter all right,” Sadie tells her.


“Sure is. Wouldn’t you agree, Dannie?”

I play along. “My panties are soaking right now.”

Carrie Sims blushes. “Oh my. If he dampened you panties; he must be hot.”

“What is that supposed—?”

Sadie interrupts. “You three better pick up your pace. Or you’ll never catch him.”

“Marcie said he was the new honey or something like that. Hotter than Dylan O’ Brien.”

I roll my eyes. “Dear Goddess.”

“Geezers, I’m sorry, Dannie,” Sue says. “It must be hard hearing all the time that every woman on the lake fanaticizes about well…you know—to your dad.”

“You have no idea.”

“Well, we better get going girls,” Ronda says.

They wave and run off.

I stand in front of her walker. “You and Martha are up to something.”

“You’ve caught us.”


“She’s up to about five-four. I’m up to about five-six.

I frown.

“Run along dear. I’ve got my iPhone and I’ll make sure to get a pic of the hottie. If he’s a pantie wetter, I just might invite him to tea.”

One More Shot Sml








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